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More Rewards, Recognition and Contest Prizes!

Earn KudoZ points when you Feed the Z! See the chart below for the Feed the Z activities and the associated points you can earn anytime someone clicks apply through your personal link or social share or when you submit a referral through the portal and they advance through our interview stages. If your referral is hired, you'll earn the cash reward associated with that role!

To keep the competition going all year long, we have even BIGGER rewards that will be issued following the close of our 2020 fiscal year:

  • Our top top social referrer will receive an additional paid day off with a $200 gift card to spend any way you’d like.
  • The department with the most referrals will receive a custom “Feed the Z” trophy, a catered celebration and perhaps best of all, bragging rights.
  • The individual referrer with most hires will control their destiny in true ZEO fashion by earning a $15,000 DREAM VACATION* of their choice!
So, what are you waiting for? Tell us who you know, help us find our next great hire and earn BIG!

*Note: The Dream Vacation prize will only be awarded if the company achieves its goal of 35% referral source of hire.

Activity KudoZ Points
Submitting a Direct Referral 250 points
Submitting a General Referral 250 points
Someone actually clicking apply through your personal link or social share 100 points
Candidate Status Change to Under Assessment 500 points

Any questions? Contact feedthez@zuora.com

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